The Future of Neighborhoods: Removing Urban Freeways Gains Fresh Traction

The Future of Neighborhoods: Removing Urban Freeways Gains Fresh Traction

Growing up on the north side of Charlotte, North Carolina, Anthony Foxx remembers the geography of his childhood being defined by a quiet neighborhood of ranch-style houses, well-kept lawns—and an imposing brick wall at the end of the block.

On the other side of the wall, there ran a high-speed on-ramp that connected the eastbound lanes of Interstate 85 with the southbound lanes of Interstate 77, two highways that cradled the northeast corner of the neighborhood. 

Montreal Trades Expressway for “Urban Boulevard”

Montreal Trades Expressway for “Urban Boulevard”

Montreal has begun tearing down its part of a mid-century expressway to make way for a greener, more transit- and pedestrian-friendly boulevard, reports theMontreal Gazette. The Bonaventure Expressway, an elevated 11-lane highway built for Expo 67, will give way to the street-level Bonaventure urban boulevards, a combined nine lanes of traffic separated by a series of green spaces. Montreal’s new, $142 million entryway is scheduled for completion in mid-2017, just in time for the city’s 375th anniversary.

DOT Challenge Aims to Reconnect Cities Severed by Highways

DOT Challenge Aims to Reconnect Cities Severed by Highways

The first Every Place Counts Workshop, part of a U.S. DOT initiative to reconnect communities severed by mid-century highway building, kicked off in Spokane, Washington, Thursday. Over the course of two days, local officials, business leaders and residents will receive technical support from transportation officials and urban designers to reimagine the area where I-90 cuts through the city. Spokane was one of four cities the DOT announced in June would receive this support, along with Philadelphia, Nashville and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Pasadena Unified Votes to Support Anti-710 Freeway Tunnel Resolution

Joining the battle against the 710 Freeway tunnel extension, the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education last night voted to direct Lawrence Torres, its representative to the 5-Star Education Coalition an amalgam of local school districts — to vote in favor of a Coalition resolution formally opposing the plan to build a 4.5 mile tunnel from Alhambra to Pasadena.

What if They Build a New Neighborhood Instead of Finishing the 710 Freeway?

The debate over what to do with the unfinished 710 Freeway is neverending. Possibilities range from doing nothing (leaving it unfinished) to building a four-mile-long tunnel. But a new suggestion comes from Stefanos Polyzoides of the Pasadena-based architectural firm Moule & Polyzoides, who has imagined what would happen if, instead of going forward with any of the previously proposed options, Caltrans instead sold the land near the northern end of where the 710 is supposed be to the city of Pasadena so it could be redeveloped into housing, businesses, and "a tree-covered boulevard," says the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Pasadena residents want to transform the 710 ‘ditch’ into a new community

Stefano Polyzoides sees the northern stub of the 710 Freeway as a concrete wound cutting across Pasadena’s west side.

To heal the scars, the nearly 1-mile long “ditch” must be redeveloped, the Pasadena-based architect said.

“It’s a war zone out there, you know it, you live it,” Polyzoides said Wednesday to the members of the West Pasadena Residents Association.

Polyzoides’ presentation imagined what Pasadena would look like if Caltrans did not complete the 710 Freeway and instead sold the 50-acre plot of land to the city.

Mayor Tornek Reinvigorates 710 Tunnel Fight at West Pasadena Residents Association Meeting

Calling it the “struggle of the decade” for the city, Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek re-emphasized his newly stepped-up opposition to the proposed $5 billion, 5-mile 710 Freeway tunnel project which would join the 710 Freeway to the 210 Freeway during the annual meeting of the influential West Pasadena Residents Association meeting Wednesday night.

Mayor Takes New Drive to Repeal Pro-710 Measure Before Supportive Residents Association Tonight

The influential West Pasadena Residents Association Annual Meeting tonight will hear from a newly-energized ally in Mayor Terry Tornek, who Monday announced his intention to ask voters to repeal a 2001 measure advocating completion of the 710 freeway in order to fund a fight against building the tunnel extension.