THE CPP'S MISSION IS TO Redevelop the unsightly, economically stunting, 710 stub that currently divides our city, and to reconnect Pasadena neighborhoods by developing the area in a way that brings economic vitality and beauty to this part of our city.


-Two CPP workshops led by architect and urbanist Stefanos Polyzoides and other transportation, economic and land use experts and elicited ideas on revitalizing that area of our city.

-At the conclusion of this work, CPP delivered a draft master plan, elements of which were included in the Pasadena Preferred Alternative to Metro’s SR 710 tunnel.


-Convince the State to take the tunnel project off the table for good thus avoiding the negative economic and health impacts and disruptions it would bring to businesses and residents during ten years of construction.

-Present an alternative that would bring revenues to our city rather than costs and negative impacts of the tunnel—safety, pollution, congestion and noise—the enemies of commerce and quality of life.

-Contrast the long term disruption caused by Metro’s 4.9 mile long toll tunnel ending in an 8 lane highway with the less disruptive transformation of that area via the Connecting Pasadena Plan (CPP.)