Photos from Workshop 2 , November 8th

Photos by Chuck Hudson

Photos from Workshop 1 , October 28th

Photos by Chuck Hudson

Designing the Ditch

Pasadena residents attended two CPP Visioning Workshops, on October 25 and November 8, 2014, providing ideas to shape this important area of our city.

Discussing potential options for the 210 stub, designing the ditch, got residents thinking about what that area could be in the future.

Upon completion, CPP will deliver the citizens’ draft Master Plan to the city of Pasadena. This plan could be included in a Pasadena Preferred Alternative to the Metro 710 tunnel, if deemed appropriate.

The CPP’s goal is to do what people in Pasadena have talked and wondered about but have never done: design an alternative to the undesirable stub, and create an area of beauty and value for Pasadena. 

This aesthetically and economically beneficial CPP Vision cannot be realized if Metro builds the SR 710 tunnel.