50 years ago, the state seized a gigantic swath of valuable land in the center of Pasadena and demolished thousands of people's property in order to build the planned extension of the 710 freeway.

There are countless stories of individual Pasadenans rooted in that land, as peoples’ homes and businesses were razed by the state. And, for decades, the barren 710 stub has stood, dividing the City of Pasadena.  Currently, Caltrans has turned the land into their “work yard” you see pictured below.

It is time to reclaim the 710 stub, the 50 acre area bounded by Walnut Street to the north, California Street to the south, St. John Avenue to the west and Pasadena Avenue to the east.

And, that is the CPP’s mission: to reconnect Pasadena by restoring the pattern of city streets and replacing the stub highway with buildings, homes, businesses, parks, gardens.

The CPP would replace the stub with an elegant Pasadena boulevard and revitalize this “dead space” with parks and structures that would provide economic and social value to Pasadena as well as creating a beautiful new place in the City. 


                                                                                                            The Caltrans work yard